Sheer Bliss

White, near white or white blend Hybrid Tea.

(Plant Patent #6282) Long creamy white buds open slowly with soft pink tints on the edges of the petals as they reflex. The plants are tall, long stemmed and bolt upright with shiny dark green foliage and very sharp thorns. You’ll enjoy the strong, sweet fragrance and despite its fragile appearance it will stand up to heat, rain and nasty winters! Stays clean even if you skip spraying while you’re off on vacation. Flower Size: 5-7″. Fragrance: Strong, sweet. Hybridizer: Warriner, 1987.

White or white blend, pink center. Spice fragrance. 35 petals. Large bloom form. Blooms in flushes throughout the season.

Height of 3′ to 7′ (90 to 215 cm). Width of 2′ (60 cm).

Hybridizer: William A. Warriner (United States, 1985)


Seed: White Masterpiece

Pollen: Grand Masterpiece

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