Apricots n’ Creme

Bred by Alain Meilland (1940-….) (France, before 2012).
Introduced in France by Meilland International in 2012.

Hybrid Tea, Shrub.
Apricot, cream outer petals.  Mild fragrance.  up to 46 petals.  Average diameter 4.5″.  Large, very full (41+ petals), borne mostly solitary, in small clusters, cupped bloom form.
Dark green foliage.  3 to 9 leaflets.
Height of up to 3′ (up to 90 cm).
United States – Patent No: PP 27,400  on  22 Nov 2016   VIEW USPTO PATENT
Application No: 14/121,689  on  8 Oct 2014
The parentage of the new variety can be summarized as follows: (`Meipsilon`.times.`Golden Unicorn`).times.`Meironsse`.