Be a Friend to the Rose Garden!

Friends of the San Jose Rose Garden is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) volunteer organization (Fed Tax ID: 26-1343953).  Your tax deductible donation helps to preserve and protect the beauty of the Municipal Rose Garden.

Become a Rose Garden Patron ($1000 or more), Bouquet (up to $1,000), Blooms (up to $100) or Bud (up to $50) and help the Rose Garden continue to bloom.  You can make a gift in your name or for a loved one.  We can also set-up bequeathment or annual giving programs.  Check with your employer to see if they Match your Donation.

Donate securely online via PayPal or send check to Friends of the San Jose Rose Garden, 1375 Emory Street, San Jose, CA  95126

Rose Garden Patron
($1,000 or more)

Mark De Mattei
Frm Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio
Terry & Carol Austen
Weeks Roses
Star Roses
Coiner Nursery
Jackson and Perkins
Allen Hutchison
Google Employees
Kaiser Permanente
Debbie McCreary
Jerry Wang
Jack & Lucia Gilbert
Betty & Jack Rosa
Rosetrina Flaig (Memorial)
Stroke Awareness Foundation
Milo Shammus, Dr. Earth Inc.
Whole Foods Markets – San Jose
Councilmember Dev Davis
Joseph Johnson (Memorial)

Rose Garden Bouquet
(up to $1,000)

Terrence Reilly
Beverly Rose Hopper
Marian Davis
Warren and Bev Gannon
Andria deWitt-Conley
John & Colleen Campisi
Regan Nursery
David and Barbara Cohen
Fred & Muriel Schlichting
Mary O’Meara
Angelo Centanni (Memorial)
Debbie Mancuso
Genevieve Dishotsky
Nancy A. Lance (Memorial)
Ginny and Vic Lebacqz
Mary Leona Gale (Memorial)
John & Alice Flynn (Memorial)
DeAnna Papedis
Susan Hunter
Michelle McGregor
Norm Kline
David Muhlitner
Peggy Kilduff
Donna & George Schmidt
Louise Workman (Memorial)
Martha Frain “Marty” Lion (Memorial)
Julie Trulson
Karyn Sinunu-Towery &
James Towery
Esther & Charles Hynes
Women’s Fellowship – (1st Congregational Church of San Jose)
Cynthia Porter
Alice Gary
Robin Pieracci
Marguerita Sasser
Dorothy P. Rose (Memorial)
Mary Lou Azevedo
Bill Rojas
John & Melinda Heinlein
Carmen “Dolly” Lico (Memorial)
Fred Arthur Lico (Memorial)
Penny Ortega
Jung Lee
Becky Perry
Warren Gannon (Memorial)
Bill Law (Memorial)
Julie A. Floyd (Memorial)
Dorothy P. Rose (Memorial)

Rose Garden Blooms
(up to $100)

Roxanne Woodmansee
James & Margaret Trosino
Charlotte Doudell
Nancy Jamison
Nancy Lance
Ray Rowe (Memorial)
Lela & Willis Corkern
Prochy Sethna
Scott and Lizabeth Lefaver
Linda Bookman
Myrna Pedersent (Memorial)
Josie Le Roy
Warren Everett
Madeliene Scheiman
Marie Shrodes
Stephanie Milani
Ariel Rideout
Grace Kawahira
Matthew Williams
Robert Christy
Wendy Smith
Beth Lococo
Dorothy R. Fischer (Memorial)
James Schreckenghaust
Rhonda Richards
Waym & Virginia Storer (Memorial)
Jerry Mandel
Clara Rygiol (Memorial)
Jennifer Sclafani
Van Tran
Elizabeth “Liz” Vallejos (Memorial)
Jo Ann Gullo
Irene Vermillion (Memorial)
Jennifer Mar
Vivian Hodges
Wendy Lo
Victoria Thompson
Colleen Conley
Pat & Robert Velarde
Jacqueline Bourgeois
Maureen Christopher
Therese Ransel
Sayed Shafi
Mary Anne Smith
Mabel Lucille DeLong (Memorial)

Rose Garden Buds
(up to $50)

Lynda Ready (Memorial)
David Smearden
Janis Kolte
Arlene Pedroia
Sharon Baggett
Beverly Crowell
John Bogdanoff
Veronica Jordan
Chris Davidson (Memorial)
Rae Reavis (Memorial)
Joe Ciesinski
Doris Campagna (Memorial)
Jolanta Walichiewicz
Benjamin White
Shaun Lacey
Kathleen Cote Guarneri
Barry & Janet Gil

Rose Garden Buds
(up to $50)

Jackie Browman
Bonnie Morrill
Scott Reese
Sherry Reese
Neva Dyer
Patricia Evans
Bob Sippel
Robert Homer
Allyson Johnson
Natsuki & Kenneth Gehrt
Edward & Sharon Mirch
Kathy Herington
Charline Duke
Marcy Haynes
John & Shirley Ann Diehl
Suzie Grey
Catherine Burr
Sehba Ali
Alice Sherburne
Thea Sawyer
Melissa Garcia (Memorial)
Diego & Mary Certa
Neil Brumberger
Ulanna Legedza
Herb & Sue Grasshof
Doris Livezey
William Moore
Maureen Ryan
Katherine Stanley
Carla Dorow
Christian Kurmann
Allison Cavanaugh
Birendro Roy
Varadharajan Srinivasen
Debbie Miedema
Glenn Teuber
Elizabeth Lowen
Andrew Janata
Evonne Kwok
Danielle Drew
Sharon Francis
Ann Stewart
Jean Riparbelli
Dorothea Andrews (Memorial)
Florence Ennes (Memorial)
John Kokal
Deborah York
Joe Sciamanna
Susan Lantow
Zach Heidepriem
Kim Truong
Michael Harris
Kathleen West
Cindy Cooper
Cathy Chappell
Tom Fawcett
Donna Lewis

Business Sponsors
(in-Kind Donations)

DeMattei Construction
Star Roses
Weeks Roses
Regan Nursery
Coiner Nursery
Dr. Earth
Yamagami’s Nursery
Zanotto’s Market
Peet’s Coffee
Noah’s Bagels
West Country Garden Gloves
SummerWinds Nursery
Rosie’s New York Pizza
San Jose Sharks

Contact us to learn more about our giving programs! Fed Tax ID: 26-1343953