City Presentation at Hall of Fame Ceremony

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Rose Hip Jam Recipe

As winter approaches, we stop deadheading to let the roses slow down and store their energy.  Many roses form hips, and some are quite decorative.  They are full of vitamin C and it is nit uncommon to see Rose Hip Tea in the stores. But you can also make rose Hip Jam and Jelly.  At […]

How Roses are Created

The process to create a new rose variety can take over a decade of work. As one of a few Test Garden’s in the US, we get to see the new roses before anyone else. But to get to the test rose stage, it takes years of work. There are a few great videos featuring Ping […]

Bloom Cycles

  Bloom Cycles -­‐ what are they? Well everyone knows how beautiful the first flush of blooms are in April and May. The roses have stored up lot of energy over the winter and push out new growth in the spring. What results is the best blooms of the season. But at the Rose Garden, […]