Easy Does It 

Orange-pink Floribunda.

Easy Does It is 2010’s only AARS winner!

The scalloped ruffled petals of this orangey-apricot flower create a unique picture of this Floribunda.

Orange-pink. Flowers mango orange suffusing to pink. Moderate, fruity fragrance. Average diameter 4″. Large, full (26-40 petals), cluster-flowered, in small clusters, scalloped bloom form. Continuous (perpetual) bloom throughout the season.

Medium, bushy, rounded, upright. Medium, glossy, light green foliage.

Height of 3′ to 4′ (90 to 120 cm).

Hybridizer: Harkness (UnitedKingdom, 2008)


Seed: Queen Charlotte x Della Balfour
Pollen: Baby Love (miniature, Scrivens 1992)

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