Knock Out

Terry’s Note: Red blend Shrub.  One of the most popular shrubs in the WORLD.  Grows even in the harshest climates.  There is a great pruning video from Conard Pyle on how to prune this shrub that can be seen HERE.

The cycle of bloom and growth is never ending and provides a show of color from early Spring well into the hard frosts of winter On can’t say enough about its maintenance free lifestyle. It is drought tolerant; surviving and even thriving in the most devastating of dry summers. Humidity… bring it on. You’ll be hard pressed to find a speck of black spot on this healthy plant. There is hardly anything which will stop this rose from blooming. You can expect to have blooms everyday throughout the summer. We believe that this is one of the best

Bright, fluorescent cherry red. Mild, spice, tea fragrance. 5 to 13 petals. Average diameter 3.5″. Large, single to semi-double, cluster-flowered bloom form. Continuous (perpetual) bloom throughout the season. Decorative buds.

Bushy, compact, rounded. Glossy, dark green foliage.

Height of 2′ to 4′ (60 to 120 cm). Width of 3′ to 4′ (90 to 120 cm).

Hybridizer: William J. Radler (UnitedStates, before 1995)


Seed:[Carefree Beauty x {[Tampico x Applejack] x Playboy}] x [Carefree Beauty x {[Tampico x Applejack] x Playboy}]
Pollen:Razzle Dazzle (floribunda, Warriner, 1977) x {Deep Purple x [Faberg x Eddie’s Crimson]}

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