Remember Me

Remember Me

Orange blend Hybrid Tea.

Not a rose you’ll soon forget! You sure can’t overlook the color amongst HT’s…an unusual rich warm tan that blushes to deep orange. The fragrance is not to be neglected either…a sweet combination of fruit and spice. Don’t ignore the super glossy green foliage or disregard the free flowering bushy plant. You just can’t slight how pretty this Scottish import can be.

Orange blend, salmon-orange shading. Mild, fruity, spice fragrance. 20 petals. Large, double (17-25 petals) bloom form. Blooms in flushes throughout the season.

Medium, armed with thorns / prickles, bushy.

Height of up to 3′ (up to 90 cm). Width of up to 22″ (up to 55 cm).

Hybridizer: Anne G. Cocker (Scotland, 1984)


Alexander ® (hybrid tea, Harkness, 1972) x Silver Jubilee ® (hybrid tea, Cocker, 1978)

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