Rose Hip Jam Recipe

As winter approaches, we stop deadheading to let the roses slow down and store their energy.  Many roses form hips, and some are quite decorative.  They are full of vitamin C and it is nit uncommon to see Rose Hip Tea in the stores.

But you can also make rose Hip Jam and Jelly.  At an upcoming Master volunteer event, Rose Hip Jam made by Terry will be raffled off.

Here’s the step by step procedure to used to make the Jam:


Collect Rose Hips

Boil Rose Hips

Puree Boiled Rose Hips

Strain Pureed Rose Hips

Boil Strained Rose Hip Juice, add lemon juice, pectin and sugar.

Pour in sterilized jars

Boil in pot to seal

Finished Product (it’s actually Jelly not Jam – I always forget the difference)


Recipe loosely based upon this one HERE