Master Volunteers

Become a Master Volunteer

Learn About Roses & Have Fun

Our Master Volunteers have more fun!  Special events just for our Master Volunteers such as deadheading followed by free pizza sponsored by Rosie’s New York Pizza are popular.  Field trips, special training sessions and tickets to concerts are just a few of the events we’ve offered exclusively for our Master Volunteers.

The Municipal Rose Garden receives thousands of visitors from around the world each year.  Master Volunteers serve as Garden Ambassadors or Docents; visitors often express their appreciation to our volunteers and “Thank You.”We offer training throughout the year.  Being a Master Volunteer gives you more flexibility and allows you to help in the garden on your own schedule.  You log your hours and you get special

recognition. If you are interested in a becoming a Master Volunteers, and want to attend a training session, send a email to: twreilly “at” or fill out this form below: